GLib 2.17.6 unstable release

This is the sixth development release leading up to GLib 2.18.

md5sum: b596b80ec89bbcc7ddb77fbf0e4db056

md5sum: bbdcc3370d40e875bc0841474d9246af

Changes from GLib 2.17.4
Fix problems on 64-bit Windows:
– g_markup_context_get_user_data: New function to access the user_data outside of callbacks

– g_mount_guess_content_type_sync: synchronous version of g_mount_guess_content_type
– GEmblem: A GIcon implementation that adds emblem-related metadata to icons
– GEmblemedIcon: A GIcon implementation that can add emblems to icons

14 bugs fixed in this release!

Author: andreasn

GNOME Artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Working at Imendio AB.