GLib 2.20 stable release

GLib 2.20 is a stable release adding an incremental improvement in functionality over GLib 2.18 while maintaining binary and source compatibility.

Major new features include:

  • Optimizations of GHashTable and GMarkup
  • Support for in-place decoding of base64 strings
  • When launching applications, always pass fuse file:// uris whe possible, and let gio convert such uris back to gio uris. This can be turned off using the X-GIO-NoFuse desktop file key.
  • GIO has a concept of ‘shadowed’ mounts

For more details and lists of fixed bugs, see the announcements of the 2.19.x development releases:

See the original announcement for more info and downloads.

Author: andreasn

GNOME Artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Working at Imendio AB.