GTK+ 2.17.4 unstable release

This is a development release leading up to GTK+ 2.18.

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.3

  • GtkEntry now has model-view separation, with GtkEntryBuffer. One intended use case for this is to support ‘secure memory’ for password entries.
  • The print dialog can now optionally include the page setup controls, avoiding the need for a separate page setup dialog in many applications.
  • Coloring of visited links in GtkLabel can now be turned off, with the ::track-visited-links property.
  • Support for clipmasks in gdk_draw_pixbuf now works, this will introduce visual changes in code that uses clipmasks when drawing pixbufs. However, since this never worked that is unlikely to happen. Old code using gdk_pixbuf_render_threshold_alpha masks when rendering pixbufs will now produce truncated results at the edges.
  • A number of regressions from the client-side window merge have been fixed.

4 bugs fixed in this release!

See the original announcement for more info and downloads.

Author: andreasn

GNOME Artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Working at Imendio AB.

One thought on “GTK+ 2.17.4 unstable release”

  1. I know that this is probably not the right place to comment – other than saying keep up the bug fixes – but for GTK 3.0 are there plans to *simplify* layout creation? Coming over from the world wide’s web CSS world, which is rather simple and easy to understand, whereas something simple like aligning a button with proper margin and padding is significantly harder in the GTK world.

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