This Week in GTK+ – 5

In this last week, GTK+ has seen 35 commits, with 3140 lines added and 2353 lines removed.

Planning and Status
  • The GTK+ hackfest starts today; topics include: CSS, layout management, portals for sandboxing, and GDK.
  • Matthias Clasen and Alex Larsson are working on an initial implementation of the “portal” for opening files in a sandboxed application.
Notable changes
  • Emmanuele Bassi merged his branch for simplifying the GdkWindow drawing entry points; this branch introduced a few new functions and a GdkDrawingContext class, while deprecating the old gdk_window_begin_paint* family of functions; gdk_window_end_paint(); gdk_cairo_create(); and gtk_widget_send_expose().
  • Tristan Van Berkom worked on fixing the fallout from the introduction of the new content sizing properties in GtkScrolledWindow, and ensured that the sizing requests are consistent.
Bugs fixed
  • Bug 767312 gtk_widget_path_append_for_widget() misses classes unless gtk_widget_get_style_context() has been called
  • Bug 79229 GtkScale with a big number of digits and value pos set to GTK_POS_TOP/BOTTOM is panted incorrectly
  • Bug 118959 GtkScale value ‘-0’
  • Bug 710471 Make gtk_scrolled_window_remove() smart
  • Bug 767310 High-contrast theme doesn’t show focus rectangle in default button
  • Bug 766860 tiled (snapped, half-maximized) windows in Wayland aren’t GDK_WINDOW_STATE_TILED
  • Bug 766675 Add appropriate frame drawing API to GdkWindow
Get Involved

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