This Week in GTK+ – 7

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 29 commits, with 4744 lines added and 4340 lines removed.

Planning and Status
  • GTK+ 3.21.3 was released
  • Matthias continued to work on the portal branches of GLib and GTK+.
  • William Hua is reworking the menu positioning API from bug 756579 following the hackfest discussion.
  • Emmanuele pushed a new revision of the gsk branch.
  • Carlos Soriano is working on a new pathbar implementation for the file chooser and nautilus.
Notable changes
  • Emmanuele fixed some fallout in firefox from the GdkDrawingContext introduction.
  • Ray Strode cleaned up some headerbar code and added support for expanding children
  • Matthias fixed a crash in GtkColorChooser and another one in GtkInspector
Bugs fixed
  • Bug 767851 – popover arrows broken in some orientations
  • Bug 767849 – crash in focus handling
  • Bug 724332 – GtkHeaderBar need to support an expand property
  • Bug 768025 – entry.warning & entry.error broken
Get Involved

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