This Week in GTK+ – 11

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 22 commits, with 6199 lines added and 1763 lines removed.

Planning and status
  • Matthias Clasen released GTK+ 3.21.4 and GLib 2.49.4, two new developers’ snapshots.
Notable changes
  • William Hua started merging the patches for relative positioning of menus and popups in the master branch.
  • Lapo Calamandrei did a small visual refresh of the styling of GtkCalendar in Adwaita.
  • Carlos Garnacho updated GDK to use the 2.0 version of the Wayland graphics tablet input protocol.
  • Matthias Clasen updated GTK+ to opt into the new structured logging API provided by GLib.


Bugs fixed

  • 769003 Adwaita: GtkCalendar uses a confusing style for week of year
  • 756579 GTK should let GDK position menus
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on