This Week in GTK+ – 13

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 29 commits, with 4141 lines added and 3230 lines removed.

Planning and status
Notable changes
  • Ruslan Izhbulatov fixed two long standing issues with the keyboard layout and dead keys handling on Windows. GTK+ applications on Windows should now behave more in line with the rest of the platform, especially on US international keyboards. The changes have been applied to the master branch, but after further testing they should be backported to the 2.x stable branch.

Bugs fixed

  • 769287 GtkMenuToolButton:show-menu is emitted twice and breaks dynamic menus
  • 769485 Eliminate use of g_test_expect_message()
  • 712760 Clang static analysis fixes
  • 769451 Build failure of 3.21 (master) in Debian Unstable since 7-26-2016
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on