This Week in GTK+ – 14

In these last two weeks, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 48 commits, with 4967 lines added and 3798 lines removed.

Planning and status
  • We skipped last week’s update due to most of the GTK+ developers being at GUADEC.
  • We had very productive discussions regarding the new release management and versioning scheme going forward; expect a full announcement on this blog.
  • GSK has been reviewed during GUADEC, and the work on the conversion of widgets to the new retained rendering API is ongoing; the API won’t be merged for 3.22, in order to improve rendering performance, shake out the last API issues found during porting, and especially avoid last minute breaking of applications using their own rendering on top of GTK+ windows, like Firefox and LibreOffice.
  • Carlos Garnacho has been porting the Wayland backend to the new tablet protocol; various changes have already landed in master, and the bulk of the review process is in bug 770026.
  • The work to support HiDPI displays in the Windows backend is progressing in bug 768081.
  • The GTK+ road map is available on the wiki.
Notable changes
  • Andreas Pokorny has been updating the Mir backend for GDK to improve the integration of GTK+ applications.
  • Timm Bäder added two new methods to GtkPopover, gtk_popover_popup() and gtk_popover_popdown(); these two new methods implement animated transitions, while calling gtk_widget_show() and gtk_widget_hide() will immediately show or hide the GtkPopover. With the addition of these two new methods, the GtkPopover:transitions-enabled property is now redundant and has been deprecated.

Bugs fixed

  • 769603 gtk+-3.20.8: underlink issue with – build fails: ./.libs/ error: undefined reference to ‘shm_open’
  • 769601 Dead link in faq on gtk-question-index.html
  • 769568 Modification date display incorrectly wraps calendar days (and is inconsistent with GTK2 and Nautilus)
  • 768138 Update the GDK-Mir backend to fix a few problems
  • 769706 Add show/hide API to GtkPopover
  • 769402 regression in menu positioning on wayland
  • 768017 [Wayland] menus opened from access keys (mnemonic menu items) hide instantly
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on