This Week in GTK+ – 22

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 132 commits, with 10020 lines added and 16435 lines removed.

Planning and status
Notable changes

On the master branch:

  • Alex Larsson removed the “offscreen” GdkWindow support in GDK, and the GtkOffscreenWindow widget in GTK+, in order to simplify the internals of GDK. Replacing offscreen windows is going to be the job of GSK from now on
  • Alex also changed the way GTK+ is built: from now on, there won’t be a separate GDK and GSK shared libraries; instead, GTK+ will provide a single shared library that includes GDK and GSK symbols. This allows GTK to use internal symbols without having to expose them via private function pointer tables, and reduces the intra PLT jumps to call GDK API
  • Chun-wei Fan improved the OpenGL support in the Windows backend of GDK; GDK will use more accurate GL configuration options, and will fall back to legacy GL contexts if core profiles contexts are not available, just like the X11 and Wayland backends
  • Fan also updated the Visual Studio projects files in order to build GSK; MSVC 2013 is now the minimum required version to compile the next stable version of GTK+
  • Benjamin Otte reworked the way invalidations are queued in GTK, and removed gdk_window_invalidate(); this allowed the inspector to show the updates caused by GTK widget invalidations during rendering
  • Benjamin also removed the API to query visuals from GDK, and the API to check if the windowing system is using RGBA visuals and compositing has been moved to GdkDisplay from GtkWidget
Bugs fixed
  • 773479 Typo in GtkShortcutType developer docs
  • 773100 Merge into
  • 773528 Improve GL support on Windows
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on

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