This week in GTK+ – 30

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 81 commits, with 12205 lines added and 12625 lines removed.

Planning and status
  • Welcome back to This Week in GTK+ after the end of the year break
  • The GTK+ road map is available on the wiki.
Notable changes

On the master branch:

  • Timm Bädert merged his work on moving the scene graph of widgets directly into the GtkWidget class; this allows widgets to have internal children without necessarily subclassing GtkContainer
  • Timm also worked on porting widgets currently using the internal CSS gadget API to be composite widgets, like GtkSwitch
  • Benjamin Otte and Georges Basile Stavracas Neto have been working on making the Vulkan GSK renderer work on Wayland
  • Benjamin also worked on improving the efficiency of the Vulkan renderer
  • William Hua worked on improving the Mir backend of GDK with regards to clipboard support

On the gtk-3-22 stable branch:

  • Matthias Clasen released GTK+ 3.22.6
Bugs fixed
  • 776627 Correct PostScript capitalization
  • 776868 Improve the documentation of GtkEntry:attributes
  • 776560 icon-browser: window opens at very narrow size, only showing 1 column of icons
  • 775732 mir: clipboard support missing
  • 776736 build: Fix vulkan detection
  • 776807 GtkInspector doesn’t show up when Gtk is initialized through option group
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on