This week in GTK+ – 33

The past two weeks we’ve had DevConf and FOSDEM back to back, so the development slowed down a bit. Expect it to pick up again, now that we’re close to the GNOME 3.24 release.

In these last two weeks, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 34 commits, with 20973 lines added and 21593 lines removed.

Planning and status
Notable changes

On the master branch:

  • Timm Bäder removed gtk_widget_class_list_style_properties() in the continuing effort to deprecate the style properties inside GtkWidget and replace them with CSS properties
  • Timm also moved some of the state used only by GtkToggleButton subclasses into those types
  • William Hua improved the Mir GDK backend for proper positioning of menus
Bugs fixed
  • 777547 Notebook arrow icon wrong color after closing final tab
  • 773686 Software when launched shows in dash with wrong icon, name and menu
  • 775864 getting-started: typo tie->the
  • 778009 menu drawn on top of menubar in Fedora
Getting involved

Interested in working on GTK+? Look at the list of bugs for newcomers and join the IRC channel #gtk+ on

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  1. Why can’t i set gradient to only tabs in GtkNotebook after gtk 3.20? The gradient goes through the whole notebook bar.

  2. Blizzard: Please stop posting such questions on multiple unrelated blog posts, and either ask on IRC or – once you’ve identified a regression and prepared replication steps – create a bug on the Bugzilla

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