Theme changes, revisited

A quick update on last weeks post about theme changes:

We’ve made a 3.24.4 release, to fix up a few oversights in 3.24.3. This release does not include the new theme yet, we will push that to the next release.

We’ve also made another NewAdwaita tarball, which includes refinements based on some of the suggestions we received since last week.

Try it out, and tell us about it!

12 thoughts on “Theme changes, revisited”

  1. For some reason i just can’t switch to dark theme variant. Im on Fedora 29.
    Placed in user folder ./themes/NewAdwaita however running GTK_THEME=NewAdwaita-dark gtk3-widget-factory gives only light theme. It’s awesome but i prefer dark :) Any advice?

  2. Try GTK_THEME=NewAdwaita:dark. It is not installed as a separate theme, but just as a dark variant, so you need to use this syntax.

    You can also use the “Dark theme” menu item in widget-factory to select that variant.

  3. It would look a lot better if you remove that brownish tint:


    .titlebar:not(headerbar), headerbar { padding: 0 6px; min-height: 46px; border-width: 0 0 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #bfb8b1; border-radius: 0; background: #dfdcd8 linear-gradient(to top, #efefef, #eee); box-shadow: inset 0 1px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8); /* hide the close button separator */ }

  4. Just wanted to let you guys know, that 3.24.3 and 3.24.4 break dark themes (like Matcha, Ant-Dracula, and Sweet-mars) compared to 3.22 and 3.24.1. Buttons are white for no apparent reason, clashing with the rest of the themes and making the text on them usually unreadable. This is on voidlinux machines running xfce if that makes any difference.

  5. This theme looks fresh; however, yesterday I saw that it actually looks like the MAC OS X interface. Why are we copying other platforms and trying to be like them. Linux is different, and the attraction for many like myself is that it is different and it stands apart from the others. If that is the case, why are we trying to look like them.

    I am not a developer or interface designer, so maybe my feedback doesn’t count that much. But, I am an end user, working in Cyber security and Audit and I am also a writer. What I look for is a sense originality and freshness. Perhaps taking the older Adwaita theme and applying some of the shading and flatness of the new theme will greatly enhance it. If I wanted Mac OS X, I would buy a Mac, but this is Linux. I don’t want my OS to look like another OS.

    I see many themes and desktop environments trying to look like the platforms in which they are trying to lure users from. That doesn’t work because if I want to move away from an operating system, why would I want to move to another operating system that looks just like the one I am moving from? To me, that doesn’t make much sense.

    My comments are not to bash the good work you and your team have been doing. Please don’t take it as so. I use Linux as my primary OS and even though I know a lot about the command line, I spend most of my time in the GUI because I am an end user, not a developer. I think the community, especially the desktop community focuses on majoring in the minor things, instead majoring in the major things.

    For instance, I have a 13 inch Laptop (Dell XPS 13–this is the second one) and I still can only set my display to 100, 200, 300, 400 percent. These are the things that should be addressed instead developing recipe apps or map apps.

    Anyway, be well

  6. Hello,

    I’m using gtk 3.24.5, and the new theme is great overall.

    But, loosing the on/off label on switches is pretty annoying when one doesn’t see blue so well.

    I noticed that someone said it was “visual noise” in the previous post on this blog, but it’s actually an accessibility feature you can activate on iOS for example giving you 1/0 labels on switches.

    Could it be possible to add a new option under “Universal Access” / “Seeing” to activate “On/Off labels” on buttons?

  7. please always provide 1 image of gtk3-widget-factory for theme changes, including this one! thanks.

  8. @Armin: You can drop a CSS fragment in “~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css” that only contains:

    @import url("resource:///org/gtk/libgtk/theme/Adwaita/gtk-dark.css");

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