A grid for the file chooser

In the last post, we discussed deprecating treeviews and cell renderers, among other things. All these deprecations cause a lot of work for applications and libraries using these APIs, so why are we doing this?

One of the reasons is to enable new features. Such as a grid view for the file chooser. It only took us 18 years! You can see the original feature request in Bugzilla. This is easily possible now because GtkListView and GtkGridView can use the same data models.

Here is the file chooser, with a new view toggle:

And here is the grid view itself:
Judging from the number of likes on the merge request, this is a popular feature. We hope you enjoy it. ❤️

If you want to support this work, please consider donating to the GNOME Foundation, which supports GTK development. You can do so by going here.