GTK hackfest updates

As we often do, a few members of the GTK team and the wider GNOME community came together for a two-day hackfest before FOSDEM.

This year, we were aiming to make progress on the topics of accessibility and input. Here is a quick summary of what we’ve achieved.


  • We agreed to merge the socket implementation for webkit accessiblity that Georges wrote
  • We agreed that the accessible notification api that Lukáš suggested is fine
  • We finished the GtkAccessibleText interface and moved our internal implementations over to that interface
  • We discussed the possibility of an a11y backend based on AccessKit


  • Carlos reviewed the merge request for passing unhandled events back to the system (on macOS)
  • We looked over the remnants of X11-style timestamps in our input apis and decided to provide alternatives taking an event


  • Carlos started to turn the private gtk-shell protocol into separate protocols

Thanks to the GNOME foundation for supporting this event. ❤️