GLib 2.18.0 stable release

GLib 2.18 is a stable release adding an incremental improvement in functionality over GLib 2.16 while maintaining binary and source compatibility.

md5sum: 06e5afe4ce055085dc5fd9fdab527bf7

md5sum: e55609e7a08755b40d234090f5dfd530

Major new features include:

  • Unicode 5.1 support
  • Support for the latest version of the shared-mime specification, including icons for mime types and content types for volumes
  • Improved internationalization support with g_dgettext(), g_dngettext() and NC_()
  • Support for “subparsers” in GMarkup
  • Support for emblems on icons
  • GIO supports HTTP URIs on Windows

For more details and lists of fixed bugs, see the announcements of the 2.17.x development releases:

GTK+ roadmap notes

GTK+ 2.14 will be released in a few days. This seems like a good time to send out an update on the GTK+ 3 plans.

Once the 2.14 release has happened, we will branch off a 2.90 branch.
Development towards 2.16 will proceed on trunk, in parallel to the 2.90 development.

The goal is to have a 2.16 release by next summer (traditionally targeting Guadec). The following features are already under development and will likely land in 2.16:

  • support for icons in entries
  • better handling of invisible characters
  • flippable boxes, separators, etc
  • resolution independence/font scaling
  • complete offscreen window support
  • extended layout (width-for-height)
  • a tool palette widget
  • a simple list api

The 2.90 release will be feature-wise equivalent to 2.16, with structure contents being completely sealed and deprecated 2.x interfaces removed. 2.90 will be installable in parallel with 2.16.

After the 2.16/2.90 releases, GTK+ 2.x will continue to be supported by bug-fix releases on the 2.16 branch, while the 2.90 branch will move ahead with new feature development, leading to a GTK+ 3 release further down the road.

For more details on the work towards 2.90 and beyond, see the GTK+ 3.0 Tasks page. We will also add more GTK+ 3 information to the GTK+ website in the coming weeks.

Pango-1.21.4 unstable release

Pango-1.21.4 is now available for download

md5sum: 75f8dea346a160f8f45c47cd30e6ab3b

md5sum: 3a12cb5a7f2dc562aab415d764810f4e

Overview changes from 1.21.3

  • Use cairo_show_text_glyphs() if target cairo surface supports that. This is done by adding a new PangoRenderer method, draw_glyph_item(). Custom PangoRenderer implementations that delegate to pango_cairo may want to implement this method if they target PDF files.
  • Requires cairo >= 1.7.4 now
  • Win32 build improvements
  • Justify lines broken by U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR
  • Various small fixes and improvements
  • New API additions. You can read more about them in the original announcement.

11 bugs fixed in this release!

GTK+ 2.13.6 unstable release

This is the seventh development release leading up to GTK+ 2.14.

md5sum: d9b3455d4639d44073abd1fb89d0c7b9

md5sum: 14374de5407df1e794324c87d1634363

Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.13.5

  • Fix problems on 64-bit Windows
  • Fix a long-standing, well-known problem with the handling of insensitive buttons, bug 56070
  • Fallback to Xinerama if the Xrandr implementation is just a stub
  • gdk_threads_add_timeout_seconds[_full]: New functions with second-granularity to complete the set of gdk_threads_ timeout functions
  • Support rendering icons with emblems specified as GEmblemedIcon
  • GtkFileChooser has a GFile-oriented API now, functions for creating filechoosers with specific backends have been deprecated, since GIO is used directly.
  • GtkAdjustment has been sealed, adding getters and setters for all struct fields.

30 bugs fixed in this release!

GLib 2.17.6 unstable release

This is the sixth development release leading up to GLib 2.18.

md5sum: b596b80ec89bbcc7ddb77fbf0e4db056

md5sum: bbdcc3370d40e875bc0841474d9246af

Changes from GLib 2.17.4
Fix problems on 64-bit Windows:
– g_markup_context_get_user_data: New function to access the user_data outside of callbacks

– g_mount_guess_content_type_sync: synchronous version of g_mount_guess_content_type
– GEmblem: A GIcon implementation that adds emblem-related metadata to icons
– GEmblemedIcon: A GIcon implementation that can add emblems to icons

14 bugs fixed in this release!

GTK+ 2.13.5 unstable release

This is the sixth development release leading up to GTK+ 2.14.

md5sum: 19a9127ec1d072444068acc90aca8085

md5sum: 91c1171c1407cc49af98f8fad1f4305c

Changes from GTK+ 2.13.4 to 2.13.5

– Use GIO for mime type sniffing when possible

– Handle paused printers and printers that don’t accept jobs

– Support building parts of the XML tree with the new functions

29 bugs fixed in this release!

GLib 2.17.4 unstable release

This is the fifth development release leading up to GLib 2.18.

md5sum: 9692116d39c2bd00c53a9b469711e3fc

md5sum: cf7730a308a5ba9e4db71a73efa4e53b

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.17.3 to GLib 2.17.4


  • New API to handle content types: g_mount_guess_content_type, g_content_type_guess_for_tree
  • Export the eject-button signal on the volume monitor class
  • New API to enable out-of-process volume monitors: g_volume_get_activation_root


  • New API to handle signals without slots in the class structure: g_signal_new_class_handler, g_signal_override_class_handler


  • Add an NC_ macro that is a no-op equivalent of C_


  • Add two new functions g_markup_parse_context_push, g_markup_parse_context_pop to support “subparsers”

23 bugs fixed in this release!