Pango-1.21.4 unstable release

Pango-1.21.4 is now available for download

md5sum: 75f8dea346a160f8f45c47cd30e6ab3b

md5sum: 3a12cb5a7f2dc562aab415d764810f4e

Overview changes from 1.21.3

  • Use cairo_show_text_glyphs() if target cairo surface supports that. This is done by adding a new PangoRenderer method, draw_glyph_item(). Custom PangoRenderer implementations that delegate to pango_cairo may want to implement this method if they target PDF files.
  • Requires cairo >= 1.7.4 now
  • Win32 build improvements
  • Justify lines broken by U+2028 LINE SEPARATOR
  • Various small fixes and improvements
  • New API additions. You can read more about them in the original announcement.

11 bugs fixed in this release!

Pango 1.21.0 unstable release

This is the first development release in yet another exciting cycle in Pango development, leading to Pango-1.22.0, which will be released just in time for GNOME-2.24.
pango-1.21.0.tar.bz2 md5: f0959c4b9b058ba9e4d13fc9086b7e7d
pango-1.21.0.tar.gz md5: ade9bf7e089c09e38c58f91fe084835d

Overview of changes between 1.20.0 and 1.20.1:

  • Update to Unicode Character Databse 5.1.0. This adds new entries to the PangoScript enum. Requires glib >= 2.16.3 for the update Unicode data there, but not bumping the requirement in a stable point release.
  • Try making our OS X stuff compile with latest cairo 1.5.x snapshots that renamed cairo-atsui to cairo-quartz-font, as well as older versions.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • This is unstable development release. While it has had fairly extensive testing, there are likely bugs remaining to be found. This release should not be used in production.
  • Installing this version will overwrite your existing copy of Pango. If you have problems, you’ll need to reinstall Pango-1.20.x
  • Bugs should be reported to

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Pango 1.20.0 stable release

This is a stable release providing new functionality as compared to Pango-1.18, while maintaining source and binary compatibility.
The most notable new feature in this release is the addition of the pango_layout_set_height() API. See the NEWS file for an extensive list of improvements.
pango-1.20.0.tar.bz2 md5: f0959c4b9b058ba9e4d13fc9086b7e7d
pango-1.20.0.tar.gz md5: ade9bf7e089c09e38c58f91fe084835d

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