GTK+ 2.15.0 unstable release

This is the first development release leading up to GTK+ 2.16.

Overview of changes between 2.14.x and 2.15.0:

  • GtkFileChooser
    • Optionally shows file sizes
    • Mounts volumes when necessary
    • Picks better mime icons
  • GtkEntry
    • Can show icons at either side of the entry, which can be made clickable, drag sources, etc
    • Can show progress information
    • Picks the best available placeholder character for invisible entries unless it is explicitly set. See the invisible-char-set property
    • Input methods work again in invisible entries
    • Invisible entries can optionally display a caps-lock warning. This can be turned off with the caps-lock-warning property
  • GtkStatusIcon
  • GtkLinkButton
    • Respects user-defined tooltips
    • Has a default url hook
  • GtkBuilder
    • Can construct menus
    • Can associate accel groups with windows
    • Child properties can now be translatable, e.g. GtkAssistant::page-title
  • GtkOrientable
    • A new interface implemented by all widgets that have horizontal and vertical variants
    • Printing support
    • Print-to-file can save to non-local files
    • Page rendering can be deferred to a thread to avoid blocking the mainloop
  • GDK
    • GdkKeymap emits a state-changed signal when the Caps Lock state changes
  • Newly deprecated functions:
    • gdk_window_get_toplevels(),
    • gtk_font_selection_dialog_get_apply_button(),
    • gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip(),
    • gtk_toolbar_set_orientation()
  • Changes that are relevant for theme authors
    • The GtkMenu::arrow-placement style property allow more space efficient layout of scrolling menus
    • Submenu arrows can be scaled relative to the font size, with the
    • GtkMenuItem::arrow-scaling style property
    • Themes can set the GtkDialog::content-area-spacing style property to change the spacing between elements of the content area
    • The GtkEntry::state-hint style property can be used to make GTK+ pass the correct state when drawing the background of entries
    • The GtkEntry::prelight style property can be used to suppress prelighting of icons in entries on mouse-over
  • Changes that are relevant for translators
    • GTK+ has been switched to use the two-argument C_() macro instead of Q_() for messages with context

Read the original announcement for more information including bug fixes and download locations.

GLib 2.19.1 unstable release

This is the second development release leading up to GLib 2.20.

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.19.0 to GLib 2.19.1

  • g_icon_to_string, g_icon_new_for_string: GIcon serialization support
  • G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_PREVIEW_ICON: new file attribute for preview images
  • g_app_info_get_commandline: new function to get the full commandline
  • g_mount_shadow, g_mount_unshadow, g_mount_is_shadowed: New
  • functions to ‘shadow’ mounts (i.e. hide them from the UI when they already have a different representation, like a bookmark)

42 bugs fixed in this release.

Read the original announcement for more info and downloads.

GLib 2.19.0 unstable release

This is the first development release leading up to GLib 2.20.

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.18.1 to GLib 2.19.0

  • Rewrite GHashTable to use open addressing with quadratic probing instead of chaining. This has the potential to reduce memory fragmentation significantly, while being slightly faster due to better locality and no need to call alloc/free functions for nodes. Benchmarks suggest it also uses less memory overall.
  • Make g_poll available as public api
  • New macros g_assert_error and g_assert_no_error to assert that a GError is set or unset
  • g_cancellable_make_pollfd: New method to make a GPollFD for a cancellable
  • g_app_info_can_delete, g_app_info_delete, g_app_info_reset_type_associations: New functions to clean up app infos and content types
  • When launching applications, always pass fuse file:// uris when possible, and let gio convert such uris back to gio uris.

33 bugs fixed in this release!

Read the original announcement for more info and downloads.