This Week in GTK+ – 3

In this last week, GTK+ has seen 26 commits, with 5081 lines added and 3618 lines removed.

Planning and Status
Notable changes
  • The documentation has seen various improvements, notably in the CSS reference and the GTK+ 2.x → 3.x migration guide.
  • Matthias Clasen added a section to the API reference that maps the release notes in the README file; this section will be used as the starting point for the migration guide from 3.x to future major releases of GTK+.
  • The gtk-builder-tool utility, which allows to validate, simplify, preview, or inspect a UI description file now leaves the GtkDialog:border-width property alone when simplifying the properties set to a default value.
Bugs fixed
  • Bug 759037 GtkInfoBar: documentation not updated wrt background colors and message types
  • Bug 747206 gtktextview: note on how to get line spacing between two paragraphs
  • Bug 766643 Frozen windows when unmapped with pending configure event
  • Bug 766122 Re-used filechooser displays $pwd half of the time when shown
  • Bug 766878 placesview: Do not mark icon name as translatable
  • Bug 764203 Default background color for the ‘textview border’ node
Get Involved

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