This Week in GTK+ – 8

In this last week, the master branch of GTK+ has seen 23 commits, with 1154 lines added and 121 lines removed.

Planning and Status
  • Matthias continued to work on the portal branches of GLib and GTK+.
  • Emmanuele continued to make gsk render widgets on the gsk-renderer branch.
  • Philip Withnall is working on a patch series to make GLib support structured logging to the systemd journal here.
Notable Changes
  • Carlos Garnacho improved compatibility of Wayland clipboard handling with legacy X clients.
  • Matthias made it possible to hide the preview button in print dialogs.
  • Eric Koegel added support for the Xfce session manager to GtkApplication
  • Georges Basile Stavracas Neto added support for background-blend-mode to the GTK+ CSS machinery.
  • Over in GLib, Matthias added a new gio utility that combines the functionality of the various gvfs commandline tools into one.
Bugs fixed
  • Bug 767965Improve heuristics to detect remote filesystems
  • Bug 768184headerbar: don’t throw a warning if title widget is hidden
  • Bug 768082 – Copying from Wayland to NEdit doesn’t work
  • Bug 768177 CLIPBOARD target request after PRIMARY request times out
  • Bug 768142 Incorrect order of $(LIBS) and $(OBJS) in Makefile.example caused “undefined reference”
  • Bug 693203GtkApplication does not support Xfce session manager
  • Bug 768305Gtk+ should support background-blend-mode
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